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Dirty Air?


Below are some beneficial system enhancements that you can consider for your heating and cooling system…

email-ar-03Clean Comfort – Indoor Air Essentials

Indoor comfort in your home is about more than just adjusting the temperature on the thermostat.

Many homeowners overlook the need for necessary components and systems that can cleanse and improve the indoor air you breathe. Indoor air quality products and systems are quite frequently treated as accessories. We are offering a FREE estimate on installation.

Humidification System
When it comes to the comfort of your indoor air, it isn’t always just a matter of proper air temperature.  For many  families, a whole house humidifier not only provides the right amount of moisture, it can also help to keep irritating airborne particles from circulating as easily.  Maintaining a proper level of humidity is important for Comfort and Efficiency. We are offering a FREE estimate on installation.


Duct Work Upgrades
Well designed or upgraded duct systems can improve the overall airflow in the home.  It can also increase energy efficiencies by diminishing the amount of conditioned air loss due to leakage or deteriorating duct work in your attic. We are offering a FREE estimate on installation.

Zone Control Systems

Zone Control Systems provides the benefit of even temperatures throughout the home. We are offering a FREE estimate on installation.

Comfort Club

Chino Heating & Cooling Maintenance Program
Peace of mind protection by having periodic inspections by our competent trained technicians.  Preferred treatment and huge savings with the offered discounts.  Choice of program, you select the plan that best suits you and your equipment.

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