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Make your Hot Attic more Bearable…

10% off installation price through April 30th 2013 off of a Solar Star Attic Fan

The Solar Star Family of Products feature the right solution for any attic ventilation situation

  • Climate Control – regulate attic temperature for more comfortable living spaces.
  • Reduce Damaging Moisture – help eliminate mold and prolong roof life.
  • Prevent Ice Damming – Keep your attic ventilated and eliminate ice buildup.
  • Robust Design – Select Solar Star Fans meet High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements.
  • Solar-Power Design – Built-in photovoltaic power takes a bite out of electric bills.
  • Easy to Install Quickly installs with no wiring assembly. Leak-proof Flashing compatible with all roof types.

Most Important – You can receive as high as a 30% Federal Tax Credit !

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